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Introduction to Features of Sharp Point's Futures Trading System

Features of SP System
Professional Chart Analysis
Flexible User-based Interface which lets users to set their own permutations and combinations
Free Streaming Market Quotes with Fast Order Execution Capabilities can help to catch up the market opportunities
Multi-national Language Interface (Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / English)
Easy to acquire information of your own investment returns by using "Application" (應用程式)
Disclosure of all Account and Transaction Records enable customers to easy managing their accounts

SPTrader System Requirements
Hardware Requirements
PC Recommended
Processor: Pentium III 800 MHz or above
Memory: 256 MB or above
Hard Disk Space: 100 MB
Operating System: Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 (32 bit/64 bit)
Resolution: 1024x768
Display: 19 inches or more
Internet Connection: 2MB or more
Firewall / Proxy > Settings Open External TCP Port 8080 to 8089
(If Any): (Recommended)

How to apply the SP account number?
  1. CSC notifies the SP Password by email or SMS;
  2. Download the Confirmation of Password file按此下載
  3. Print and sign the Confirmation of Password Letter and send to CSC(CSC Securities (Hong Kong) Limited, 32/F., Room 3204, Cosco Tower, Grand Millennium Plaza, 183 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong. Attention: Futures Brokerage Business Department);
  4. CSC will enable the customer's Sharp Point account number after confirming the Confirmation of Password Letter is correct; and
  5. Send email or SMS to notify customer that the client account is enabled(Note:The above procedures also apply to customers who reset their password)

SP Login Information
* When CSC customer wants to login the SP, please follow the instructions to set the information in the login screen:
  • Domain: sphk.e-capital.com.hk
  • Sub-domain: spcn.e-capital.com.hk
  • User:Client account number (E.g.:123456-83-F-)
  • Password:First-time login password is stated in the contents of Notification Letter which is issued by CSC (In order to protect the security of client account, please change your password as soon as possible after the first login)