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Fee Schedule
Item Charges
(A)Trade-related Services
Brolerage Negotiable,subject to HK$100 miminum charge
Transaction Levy 0.004% on Transaction amount
Trading Fee 0.005% on Transaction amount
Stamp Duty on Stock Transaction 0.1% on Transaction amount
Investor Compensation Levy Suspended since 19 Dec 2005
Trading Tariff Waived
(B)Scrip Handling & Settlement-related Service
CCASS Fee 0.002% on transaction amount, subject to HK$2 miminum charge and HK$100 Maximum charge
Scrip Deposit Fee (Include Physical Scrip) Waived
Transfer Deed Stamp Duty
(Physical Deposit)
HK$5 per transfer deed
Physical Scrip Withdrawal Fee HK$5 per lot (include odd lots), subject to HK$30 miminum charge
Settlement Instruction Fee (S.I. / I.S.I.) HK$100 (S.I.) / HK$50 (I.S.I.) per item (stock deliver out)
Deposit Transaction Charge Waived
(C)Information Service
Real-time Price Quote fee - AAStock Access in Hong Kong HK$360 per month, accesss in China HK$210 per month
(D)Account Maintenance
Custody Fee Waived
Dormant Account Maintenance Fee HK$100 (each Mar and Sept for A/C with no transaction< stock and cash balance below HK$100)
Stock Segregated Account Service Fee HK$50 per month
(E)Nominee Services & Corporate Actions
Registration and Transfer Fee HK$1.5 per certificate and lot, plus HK$20 per certificate and HK$200 handling fee for physical scrip
Collection Fee of Cash Dividend 0.5 on total amount od cash divddend, subject to HK$20 miminum charge
Collection Fee of Scrip Dividend,
Rights & Bonus Issue
HK$30 per stock
Corporation Action Fee HK$0.8 per lot plus service charge of HK$30 (exerise / subscription of warrants, privatization etc)
Proxy Voting (AGM, EGM etc) HK$100 per month
(F)Finacing & Other Services
Securities Subscription Handling Charge HK$50 per application; for subscription with margin finacing HK$100 per application
Overseas Remittance Charge HK$30 per transaction, exclude bank charges
Cheque Return Charge HK$100 per transaction
Dividend Claim Charge HK$500 per transaction
Script Withdrawal Fee for Nasdaq Shares HK$500 per transaction
Preparation of Bought & Sold Note HK$300 per transaction plus stamp duty of 0.1% on transaction amount
Personal Data Access HK$500 per request
Request of Historical Account Statement Free within past 3 months, HK$100 per statement within past 4 to 12 months and HK$200 per statement over past 12 months.

The above information is for reference only. CSC Securities (HK) Limited will not be liable fir any loss or any legal liabilty suffered as a result of using the above information partly or wholly or relying on such information or investment advice.