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Emergency Arrangement
As long as we recognize a break down of our trading network / hardware / software, we will implement a contingency arrangement to the Internet clients when we find it to be necessary. Internet clients will receive a notification of "Contingency Arrangement" through e-mail and by web posting. Upon receipt of our announcement, all internet clients who need to place order(s) can call our hotline (Tel.: 852-2105-1111) and receive the charging rate as same as they used to. For further queries about the contingency arrangement, you are welcome to contact our customer service officer or any person in the contact list as follows:
Responsible Position Telephone Fax E-Mail
Customer Service Officer (852) 2105-1111 (852) 2104 6622 futures@e-captial.com.hk
Technical Support Staff (852) 2105 1152 (852) 2104 6622 it_hk@e-capital.com.hk

Unless we have notified a network problem encountered, technical problems such as follows may be out of our control:
  • High volumes of Internet trading during a specific time of a trading day could cause delay in execution. It may also cause delay in the stock quotes and futures / options quotes such that the market prices may vary significantly from the original stock quotes and futures / options quotes at the time of client inquiry.
  • High Internet traffic or limitation on system capacity could bar client from gaining access into his/her account or entering orders.
We will assist clients to solve their difficulties, but we will not be responsible for any technical problems that are out of our control.